AqSol Breathe Easy Nano-filtration Mask (Single Ply) 5pk

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The safest mask in the Bahamas is the most breathable, comfortable, and reusable.

Our high-tech nano screen defense material is twice as breathable than a standard N95 mask while filtering over 99% of all airborne particles and pathogens as small as 3 microns.

  • Exceptionally Breathable
  • Filtration efficacy at 99%
  • Semitransparent
  • Easily adjustable ear straps & nose clip
  • Wash by hand
  • Disinfect with Neuthox or Alcohol
  • Reusable up to 30 days
  • Does not muffle speach
👉 BMT VirusGuard blocks and restricts over 99% of all airborne particles larger than 3 microns including viral and bacterial pathogens as well as pollen, allergens, fly ash, and dust. Rated for Bi-Directional Flow, protect yourself and loved ones from both incoming AND outgoing contaminants.
👉 Good for up to 60 washes! Disinfect your mask with all-natural, non-toxic Neuthox or handwash with soap and warm water and you’re ready to wear it again. The environmentally friendly mPackAir99 reduces waste and landfill usage from single-use and N95 masks.
👉 With a Breathability Index of 5.8 compared to 11-12, it is twice as easy to breathe in a mPactAir99 mask than in a standard N95 facemask. Designed for athletes, the mPactAire99 brings you the same high performance in breathability and comfort combined with unparalleled safety.

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