Granular Chlorine 100lb Bucket

Granular Chlorine 100lb Bucket

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These Calcium Hypochlorite Granules help keep your pool, spa or hot tub free and clear of contaminants and help prevent build up of bacteria and algae as well as other organic contaminants.

These fast-acting Calcium Hypochlorite sanitizing granules provide 65% available chlorine and 35% Calcium.

Not only are these Cal-Chlor granules economically priced, but are ph balanced to help reduce eye and skin irritation and are their non-stabilized formula make them a perfect choice for either super shocking or everyday use. It is recommended to pre-dissolve the granules in water before adding to the pool in order to prevent bleaching and reduce clouding of the pool water. 

Cal Hypo pool shock in a bucket is easier to use than tearing open bags of shock, and creates less waste. 100% Calcium Hypochlorite is the most economical way to buy pool chlorine granules for pool shocking or everyday chlorination. Cal Hypo shock is a fast dissolving, low dust formula is formulated to release fast and burn clean, without a lot of calcium residue.

Unstabilized chlorine granules won't contribute to rising cyanuric acid levels. 

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