Pool Repair

Swimming pool repair is a critical (and often overlooked) part of pool maintenance. Over time, swimming pool parts can wear out. Your pool can also be damaged by Mother Nature, accidents or rough use. To keep your pool performing at its peak, contact Gunite Pools.

If you’ve noticed any of these pool repair needs, contact us for a free evaluation and estimate:

  • Worn, cut or torn pool liner
  • Loose tile and coping
  • Plaster, Diamond Bright, Pebble finishes
  • Cracks in a concrete pool
  • Warped or cracked diving board
  • Malfunctioning pool filter
  • Malfunctioning pool heater
  • Malfunctioning pool pump
  • Leaks

These are just some of the signs you may need a pool repair company. A good rule of thumb is “When in doubt, check it out.” If any part of your swimming pool shows signs of wear or damage, ask a professional pool repair expert for an estimate.