Commercial Projects

Gunite Pools has become known internationally as one of highest quality commercial pool builders in the industry. In the Bahamas we have consistently been chosen for the largest and most complex projects in the country.

CAPACITY Gunite has the financial maturity to handle the scale required to operate larger projects. We have an experienced commercial project management team and have developed relationships over the years that allow us to ramp up our management capacity very quickly depending on the size of the job. Gunite has a unique understanding of the local labor market. Having been in the business for 46 years, Gunite Pools has been instrumental in training most of the installers in the country.
FLEXIBILITY Our management team has had many years experience dealing with schedules, completion dates and management of labor. Our management team knows what it takes to make working for different organizations a success. We adapt well to other structures and see working for each new client as an opportunity for us to learn and improve.